Intelligent Venture Capital


Early stage venture capital with a intelligent hands-on layer


We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique ideas and we deliver both capital and a hands-on approach from the very beginning,


With a proven hands on experience we can deliver the capital and the knowledge to support your dream take off.

What's Inside

Dynamic team with proven track record
International Software Track Record

We have experience working in startups ourselves and lend a hand when it comes to product management, marketing and financing strategies, our areas of expertise within the software industry. We have experience with growing startups from the very early days to many millions in revenue. We've seen the challenges companies have in finding product-market fit and know how to help founders think through the issues they'll confront as they grow.

  • Development

    Hands on experience with product driven software delivery

  • Technical

    Strong IT technical background in the partner group

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    Proven track record for international software within financial industry

Current investments